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First Aid Training

First Aid Training Course Price (3 day course): £199.00 +VAT

The First Aid Training Training Course takes place in and around the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk in East Anglia. Most courses are held either at head office base in Great Yarmouth or at a venue in Norwich.

To book your place on the First Aid Training Course please complete the form below. Places are limited so we do advise booking in advance.

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Course Information
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First Aid at Work (3 Day)
The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB)
Anyone identified by their employer as being suitable to take on the role of a first aider in their workplace.
The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 place a general duty on employers to provide first-aid treatment to employees within the workplace environment. The employer has overall responsibility for the risk assessment (assessment of first-aid need) that will establish the level of first-aid cover required. If, having assessed first-aid needs, an employer decides to appoint first aiders, the first aiders must have a valid certificate of competence.
On completion of training candidates will be competent and qualified to deliver first aid in the situations listed below:

Understand the role of the first aider, including reference to: the importance of preventing cross infection, the need for recording incidents and actions, use of available equipment, assess the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency, administer first aid to a casualty who is unconscious (including seizure), administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, administer first aid to a casualty who is choking, administer first aid to a casualty who is wounded and bleeding, administer first aid to a casualty who is suffering shock and provide appropriate first aid for minor injuries (including small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small splinters).
• The role of the first aider
• Head injuries
• Managing an emergency
• Health and safety (first aid) regulations
• Communication and casualty care
• Low blood sugar
• Asthma
• Poisoning
• Bleeding (minor and severe)
• Resuscitation (adult CPR)
• Bone, muscle and joint injuries
• Seizures (adult)
• Burns and scalds
• Severe allergic reaction
• Chest pains (including heart attack)
• Shock
• Choking (adult)
• Spinal injuries
• Eye injuries
• Stroke
• Fainting
• Unconscious casualty
All course materials, lunch and light refreshments are included. Delegates must ensure they wear appropriate, comfortable clothing.
The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB)

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